Argentina/Latin America Consultancy

Your message matters.

We listen,
we understand,
we get involved.

Your story is our story;
it is our raw material, we help you process it.
We decode culture.
We help you reach your goals through seamless communication,
beyond words!

Argentina Cultural Services offers tailor-made solutions to Dutch and international companies doing business with Latin America and their Latin American counterparts in The Netherlands, in the following fields of expertise:

Founded by Graciela Prosperi in 1999 as a language and intercultural management bureau with the aim to build bridges between Argentina and The Netherlands, Argentina Cultural Services has developed into a consultancy specialized in Latin America, thanks to the broad network established across various countries in the region and the experience gained through the years.


No two languages
are ever so similar
that they represent
the same social reality
(Edward Sapir, 1929)

… but we can get as close as possible

Our field of expertise is commercial, legal and technical translation and interpretation from English and Dutch into Spanish and vice-versa.

Oral interpretation can be simultaneous (in the booth or whispered, with headsets) or consecutive (without equipment).

Before starting any project and in order to ensure optimum results, we thoroughly assess the situation, language combinations and topics to be discussed.

Professionalism, discretion and quality are our top priorities.



Fields of expertise

  • Agriculture
  • Water management
  • Waste treatment
  • Oil and gas, hydrogen and alternative energies
  • Climate change and environment
  • Law
  • Trade unions
  • Banking, inclusive finance
  • Education
  • Visual arts
Foto: G Rossetto
Foto: G Rossetto

UN, Government of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, The Netherlands, Venezuela. Triodos Bank, Cordaid, Heineken, El Paso Energy, Capsa-CAPEX, Hydrogenics.

  • High level meetings for ministries and embassies
  • Conferences for international organizations
  • Court hearings for official entities and law offices
  • Works council meetings and product presentations for multinationals
  • Meetings and seminars for NGOs

Intercultural management

Culture comes in layers, like an onion.
To understand it, you have to unpeel it layer by layer
(Fons Trompenaars, Riding the Waves of Culture, 2011)

… we help you avoid the tears and frustration in the process

Our consultancy services consist of giving professional advice to organizations addressing target audiences ´at the other side of the Atlantic´, so that they can incorporate the cultural dimension in their strategies. Bridging the cultural gap with the help of an expert is the most effective way to succeed.

We also offer intercultural management courses to expats moving to Argentina and Latin-Americans moving to The Netherlands.




‘One Foot on Either Shore, A Dutch-Argentine Portrait’, by Graciela Prosperi, a book about cultural differences between The Netherlands and Argentina

Articles in Residence, AD Magazine, The Bijenkorf Magazine, Roundabout and De Haagsche Courant

Foto: G Rossetto
Foto: G Rossetto


Ternium, Techint Group, Embassy of Argentina, Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) (Country Expert Argentina), De Bijenkorf, Robeco Summer Concerts, University of Leiden, Shell

Arts PR

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance
(Aristotle, ca. 350 BC)

… we help you shape your arts content and connect with your target audience

We express ourselves through language, non-verbal communication and other art forms, such as visual arts and music. All these are important elements in our culture and should not be considered in isolation, but as part of the cultural context where they belong.

We help arts organizations approach their audiences in Latin America and we promote artists from Latin America globally through the following services: media relations, social media and digital marketing, press trips and events, museum outreach and collectors outreach.


TEFAF Art Fairs

  • TEFAF Maastricht (including promotional events and presentations in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay)
  • TEFAF New York

Emiliano Céliz, Silver Artist

Eliseo Miciu, Fine Art Photographer

TEFAF, The European Fine Art Fair
TEFAF, The European Fine Art FairTEFAF, The European Fine Art FairTEFAF, The European Fine Art Fair

TEFAF, The European Fine Art Fair

Established in 1988, TEFAF is widely regarded as the world’s pre-eminent fair of art, antiques and design. TEFAF champions the finest quality art from across the ages by creating a community of the world’s top art dealers and experts to inspire lovers and buyers of art everywhere.
TEFAF Maastricht – The Netherlands – takes place every year in March, presenting some 270 art galleries from about 20 countries. Since 2016 TEFAF has expanded to the United States and presents two new fairs TEFAF New York Fall and TEFAF New York Spring, each with some 90 art galleries, held in October and May respectively in the heart of today’s art world, New York City.

Emiliano CelizEmiliano Celiz

Emiliano Celiz, contemporary silver art – Argentina

Emiliano Celiz is one of the finest contemporary silversmiths in South America. Inspired by Patagonian landscapes, he recreates rivers, vegetation and natural phenomena in his silver vases, which he moulds from a single silver plate. Emiliano works with the raising hammer technique and his unique pieces have gained admiration among collectors all over the world.

Eliseo MiciuEliseo MiciuEliseo Miciu

Eliseo Miciu, fine art photography – Uruguay/Argentina

Born in Uruguay, Eliseo Miciu grew up in Argentina in a family of artists. He worked as an exclusive photographer for National Geographic Traveller Argentina. In 2011/2012 he received the Silver International Pano Award. Lürzer’s Archive selected three of his works for the book of the 200 Best Photos of the World 2009/2010. He published several books and presented more than 30 fine art photography exhibitions in Argentina, Uruguay, USA, France and Belgium.


Foto: J van der Meyde
Foto: J van der Meyde

Graciela Prosperi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and earned a University degree as a Sworn English-Spanish Translator and Conference Interpreter, after which she continued her studies at Georgetown University, USA. During more than ten years she worked for an important Argentine group of companies with international focus. After moving to the Netherlands in 1996, she got a diploma as a Dutch-Spanish Court Interpreter. Alongside her translation and interpreting career, she has worked as a freelance consultant for intercultural projects since 1999. She published several articles and the book ´One Foot on Either Shore – A Dutch-Argentine Portrait´ in 2003. She has been the Public Relations Consultant for Latin America for TEFAF Maastricht – The European Fine Art Fair – since 2004, and in the meantime, also for the two satellite TEFAF New York fairs launched in 2016.