For those who would like to strengthen their own language skills

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Have you studied Spanish for some time and got stuck along the way?
Would you like to take it up again, making sure you will not be frustrated once more?

Then our tailored-made courses are the right choice for you!


Whether you follow a Spanish In-company Training, an Online Spanish Boost or a Language Clinic Programme, our Spanish courses are tailored to the specific needs of each individual or group.

We do not follow a standard method, but rather combine the best of many methods and add our creativity and flavour to them.

Depending on your interests and the time available, we create modules with specific content and targets so that your progress is visible and your results tangible. For example, if you need to learn Spanish for business travel, the topics we will choose for your course will be different from the ones we choose for a diplomat. If you have affinity with art, we will take that into account when designing a course for you. We also use a lot of video material so that the students get acquainted with different accents and the lessons are interactive and dynamic. In that way, you will be highly motivated from day 1!

Some students form their own group with family, friends, or colleagues to take on the challenge together and this can contribute to making the learning process more fun.

Thanks to technology, we can reach everybody, everywhere with this training!

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