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As professional communicators, we believe in the power of words. Every bilateral or international project comes with cultural challenges, and we are there for you to solve them. Argentina Cultural Services makes your story resonate with the right audience at the other side of the Atlantic. Because each voice is unique, we make sure each message is meaningful and each experience unforgettable.

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  • We create curated content
  • We dare to think out the box
  • We are certified professionals
  • We connect the dots of the culture puzzle
  • We know what it takes to succeed abroad
  • We never underestimate cross-cultural differences
  • We have a solid international network of specialists and advisors
  • World-class organizations have chosen to work with us for decades
  • We are perceived as ‘one of us’ by target audiences on both sides of the Atlantic

Argentina Cultural Services was set up in 1999. Founded by Graciela Prosperi as a language and intercultural management bureau with the aim to build bridges between Argentina and The Netherlands, Argentina Cultural Services has developed into an all-round consultancy specialized in Latin America, thanks to the broad network established across various countries in the region and the experience gained throughout the years.

Whether it is for a small company or a multinational, an NGO, a government institution or an international organization, each new job is always exciting to us. We always put the client front and centre. Professionalism is at the core of everything we do, from the smallest to the most ambitious project.

We offer seamless communication beyond words, that is why world-class organizations have chosen to work with us for decades.


Spanish – English – Dutch

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of language teaching, translating, and interpreting, we can solve all your language needs.

Whether it is for a tailored-made Spanish course, a legal translation, or an international event, we count on the necessary resources to deliver prompt, accurate, and top-quality services.

We always take the time to understand the client’s needs and ‘translate’ them into action. We offer bespoke services and utmost discretion.

Our language services consist of three pillars:

  • Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Language Courses
Foto: G Rossetto
Foto: G Rossetto


  • legal translations
  • commercial and technical translations
  • website translation


  • simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
  • remote simultaneous interpretation
  • on-site interpretation

Language Courses

  • Spanish in-company training
  • online Spanish boost for groups or individuals
  • language clinic

Arts & Culture

With an established network of journalists, industry figures and influencers, we help artists, galleries, museums, and luxury brands connect with the right partners. In addition to our media relations, digital marketing, museum and collectors’ outreach services, we cultivate relationships with new communities through matchmaking and collaborations. With almost 20 years of experience in 6 countries, together we can design the right strategy for you.


Communication Consultancy

Our communication consultancy services consist of giving professional advice to organizations addressing target audiences ´at the other side of the Atlantic´, so that they do not only know what to say, but also how to say it. Bridging the cultural gap with the help of an expert is the most effective way to succeed.

Our services include strategic partnerships, intercultural communication, marketing and creative content strategy, media and public relations.

On the strategic partnership front, we help Latin American companies find the right partner in Europe and European businesses connect with their counterparts in the southern hemisphere. For example, we help producers in Latin America find importers or distributors in the Benelux region, among others.


Casi Plantas, Sul Solar, 1948


Since I love what I do, I’ve decided to write articles every now and then, so that I can share my passion for languages, culture and communication with others.

Here’s an overview of my latest blogs


Foto: J van der Meyde
Foto: J van der Meyde

Graciela Prosperi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and earned an University degree as a Sworn English-Spanish Translator and Conference Interpreter, after which she continued her studies at Georgetown University, USA. During more than 10 years, she worked for a large Argentine group of companies with international focus. After moving to the Netherlands in 1996, she got a diploma as a Dutch-Spanish Court Interpreter. Alongside her translation and interpreting career, she has worked as a freelance consultant for intercultural projects since 1999. She published several articles and the book ´One Foot on Either Shore – A Dutch-Argentine Portrait´ in 2003. As TEFAF PR Consultant for Latin America for almost 20 years, she liaised with press, galleries and collectors in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay, bringing TEFAF Maastricht and TEFAF New York closer to Latin American art buyers, museums and art lovers.

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